About Us
               Tirta Mansion Hotel was established in year 2008 as at that time where hotel are so scarce, only Imperial Aryaduta a five star hotel in Lippo Village exist.
The demand was high. So with our innovation effort we converted an empty  shop house into a 9 room hotel. So we are the first Shoptel in Lippo area.
               We can prove our theory regarding the need of clean and comfortable hotel rooms which is very competitive in price. When we haven't finished the completion our first guest from Malaysia book our place for one week. He didn't care about the situation, what he need is a room and it was close to Idulfitri 2008.
               In 2011 we were able to open the second hotel, bigger in sixe and very quiet place. The first guest came from the United States, 5 people when the hotel is under completion.
               In 2014 we opened another one in Gading Serpong area which also got good response, as we are the only shoptel in that area. Again history is close to us this time the first guest is a couple came from Holland.
We really would like to extend our gratitude to our loyal customer and our on line travel agent who support our activities.